Sunday, January 10, 2010

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

I love how God uses the vernacular of our day, and the culture we relate to, in communicating Divine messages at times in our lives. Of course, The Word of God trumps anything else and is sufficient for "everything we need pertaining to life and Godliness", as the Bible says. But God does on occasion, speak to us using the things around us in our common everyday life. A fig tree, a stable, the foal of a donkey, the formation of clay pots, fish, children, the dirges of the day....are just a few examples of this.
What an amazing God we have who desires to communicate with us intimately, clearly and continually in as many ways as He can! He wants us to know Him, to have a relationship with Him that can easily recognize and respond to His voice. I will never get over my amazement and gratefulness with that kind of love from a God to those He created from the dust.

On one of my own intimate occasions of fellowship with this great God, I heard the words from the chorus of the old movie; The Wizard of Oz.

It happened during a extended weekend of waiting on God, intercession and fasting with some friends many years ago. I was surprised to hear the words to the song playing in my head during an especially intense time of prayer. The words of the chorus of the song are as follows:

Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Follow the Yellow Brick Road.
Follow, follow, follow, follow,
Follow the Yellow Brick Road.
Follow the Yellow Brick, Follow the Yellow Brick,
Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

As the words played on in my head, a picture unfolded of a long golden road and I was placed upon it. I walked along its path, a bit hesitant at first, and within a short time it led me to many different people, one encounter at a time. With some of these encounters, I knew I was in a different environment and culture than my own. But many encounters were in places I had some recognition of or felt vaguely familiar to me.

The golden road led me to someone specific. A divine connection designed by God for His purposes.
There was no randomness in these encounters. Each person seemed to be waiting for me and received me with some kind of recognition, although we had never seen each other before. Some were old, some young, male, female, some very, very destitute, some not, some broken, some crippled, some needing healing, deliverance, hope, compassion, encouragement, direction and love. Many were fellow Christians, and some were not.
To the world; most were seemingly insignificant people, lost and forgotten to everyone around them, but not to The Lord. I instantly knew what they waited for as I stood there with them, and I saw it given through me to them.
Once this occurred, I was whisked back onto the yellow brick road, following it to my next destination. This went on for some time. When it was over, I was exhausted, stunned, amazed and full. Faith, excitement and longing deep within me cried; "yes Lord, send me", show me Your Paths, let me run this golden road!

We all have yellow brick roads to follow that led us to those around us that the Lord wants us to find. Those that we have been given the invitation to be a part of the ongoing ministry of Jesus to those on this earth. As He sits on the right hand of the Father, he leads and guides us as his hands, feet, voice and ambassador. He gives us the provision of all that we need to walk in his ministry. Jesus said that "we will do even greater works" than he himself, because he was going back to His Father and leaving the assignment to us to fulfill through His power and grace. Wow! What a privilege, what a gift, what an honor!

Listen, for He is speaking....for you too....follow the yellow brick road.........

"May Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven!"


  1. Thank you for this, Katie. What a great vision the Lord has given you.

    And the beauty of "following the yellow brick road" is that it really is just about following God - going where he goes, doing what he does.

    And in doing so, we find the abundant life.

  2. As always Ken, you are an encouragement, and your obvious abundant life overflows to touch me! Thanks for that brother!