Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm Hungry

It was about 20 years ago when unexpectedly the Lord placed a clear picture in front of my eyes.  Some would call it a vision - I called it a blessing and curse.  Here's the vision, and here's why.

Before me I saw a large banquet table that was full of every kind of food and drink imaginable.  It was overflowing with more than I saw the table could hold, and yet it did.  Immediately, I knew that what I saw was the provision of the Lord to His People.  It was symbolic all that we needed for life and godliness, power, provision, grace, wisdom, strength - you need it, it was there.   I was overwhelmed with the knowledge that all that provision was there waiting for us to take. Faith welled up inside of me as I saw the magnitude of this provision for us.

Then, I saw the First Leg of The Table form before me.  I saw that what made up this leg was various and diverse types of fellowship gatherings.  They were of different sizes, although none were very large, and they were each quite unique from one another.  Some were made up of young mothers, others of men and women at work places, some were couples of various ages, some were those seeking freedom and healing from issues that plague humans, others were affinity type groups of some sort or another, there was an incredible diversity of them.  Although all the groups were very different from one another, they did all have in common that they read and studied the Word of God together, they cared and ministered to one another - using the gifts God gives - growing in them through practice and application, and they were maturing.   These groups were full of life.  Pulsating life, in fact!  As I marveled at the vibrancy of these groups, I wondered how they grew and how the new groups formed on this table leg.  As soon as I did, I saw umbilical cords from these groups grow backwards into the now forming Second Leg of The Table.