Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Tho none go with me....."

There is an old hymn with the words; "tho none go with me, still I will follow".
In my life, more than a few years ago now, I woke up and went to sleep with this little phrase of the song on my lips. It truly spoke into my life at that time and gave me great strength.  We were finding ourselves like square pegs in a round hole.  More so me, than my husband, but it became increasingly clear that we were seeing the paradigm of church differently than those around us.  It was like some invisible force was marginalizing us into something unknown at the time.  I remember saying to those around us who questioned our struggle, that we were called to something that was "not yet".  As you can imagine, that didn't get the greatest response!

We all have seasons in our lives that leave us feeling alone on the journey.  Old friends don't "get us" anymore, family members wonder why we seem somehow different.  The road we walk feels to us like unsure footing and dark passages into the unknown.  We feel confused, vulnerable, unsure and often fearful.   And yet, there is a force within us that drives us forward.  To what, we aren't sure, but forward we go.

Jesus Himself experienced this in his short life on earth at least three times.

The first time is when he begins his ministry.  Everyone in his village, including his family and friends couldn't believe he actually thought he was more than "Joseph's son".  They dismissed him as self absorbed and completely deluded.  They even took him out to be stoned for even suggesting that He was more than the carpenters son.

The second time was when he walked out into the desert to be tested.  Alone and without encouragement, he walked into 40 days of hellish testings. Hot, dehydrated, physically spent, He pushed through until it completed the purpose.

The third time was as he "set His face as flint" towards The Cross.  His friends tried to talk him out of it, didn't understand the reasoning behind it, and then left him completely alone as He wrestled with His own will through a night of prayer.

The scriptures say; "consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.  And let endurance have it's perfect result, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing." James 1:2-4

There is just no way to avoid it; endurance requires the trial for it to be worked into our life.  The trial is often walking solo on a journey to the unknown future, enduring it for the purpose it will achieve in us.  Jesus walked solo, He understands what we feel.
 God has a plan.  He knows the way ahead.  He is at work to give us what we are lacking.  He is in our journey and "He will be faithful, even  if we we are faithless".

Tho none go with me, still I will follow...........

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  1. Thanks, Katie! I needed to hear that. I already knew it but just needed to hear someone else say it. I needed to be reminded that I'm not alone and that God will accomplish His purpose in me. I've become so weary, and have lost heart. This was a good follow-up to your last post. Thanks for giving me Hope again!