Monday, February 9, 2009

The Value of One

Have you ever thought about how much God values the life of one person?  I didn't, until the Lord gave me a lesson on it.

We were in a small river town in the Amazon river basin of Brazil ministering there for a couple weeks.  I was going to speak that night, but others were going before me and I had some time to use the restroom.  So I got up from my chair and went outside to find the residence we had been staying in when "bam!" I woke up on the ground dazed.  I looked up and saw I had walked into a archway that was lower than my height.  Because it was dark and my lack of familiarity, I had walked head first right into it.  Blood poured from my face and I made a wobbly dash for the house to find a rag and some first aid.

After a bit, I made my way back into the church, my face already swelling up with noticeable  cuts and bruises and went forward to speak as I had been asked to do.  I spoke that night on how Jesus was compelled to mission.  The Father had sent him to earth so that we could have relationship with them, and we were also called to the same mission.  We also should be compelled to go, regardless of how much we may be "banged up" in the process.  My face was a good illustration of that!

Well, after the evening drew to a close, our host informed us that our trip up the river to more isolated areas was to start that night while the tide was up on the river and it could be navigated.  We had to hurry to gather a few overnight things and meet at the boat dock within the hour.  I was still a bit shaky and  dizzy from the blow.  My face had swelled up and raw cuts  had scabbed over.  When people looked at me, I could tell in their face that I was not a pretty sight!  I thought, the worst was over, so I dug deep for some perseverance and mounted the boat.  Little did I know at that time, that the real tough stuff was still ahead of us.......

more on that journey tomorrow...............

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