Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Living The Mission - The APEST Track

Have you ever wondered about how God has gifted you?  What He put within you specifically to serve and work alongside Him in Kingdom expansion?  What your passions, interests, and personality aspects say about your gifting and purpose?

What made the Apostle Paul successful in his ministry and yet he struggled often with interpersonal relationships? How did Barnabas see the potential in Paul before anyone else and took the time and energy to invest in him?  What made Phillip present the gospel so clearly to the Ethiopian Eunuch and as a result, evangelise a whole nation?

APEST stands for; Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd, Teacher.  Alan Hirsch and Brian Schubring have developed an assessment test (taken before the conference, and done online in about 10 minutes) that will help you understand how God has equipped you.  This workshop presents the 5 gifts listed in Ephesians 4, from the premise that we all have elements of these gifts within us since God wants us to reproduce ourselves and equip others for the Kingdom.

This is a highly interactive class.  The same session is offered on both Wednesday and Thursday for you to choose from and allow you to take in other workshops.   On Saturday both groups from the Wednesday and Thursday night sessions will gather together and do some "urban trekking" which will be fun, stretching, impacting and full of individual coaching and encouragement.

In order to come prepared for this workshop.  Please take the APEST assessment test online before hand and come to the conference with the results page printed out to discuss in the workshop.  There is an extra $10 charge for the test(online), and another $10 for workbooks that will be given during the session.  
The team from LVC (Leadership Vision Consulting), who works with Alan Hirsch (The Forgotten Ways, The Shaping of Things To Come, REJesus) and developed by Brian Schubring will be leading this exciting workshop.  

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