Friday, May 8, 2009

Living The Mission

 I complain about our long Minnesota winters.  The long dead months of white on grey.  Endless days of dormancy, cold and the lack of color.  Then the world around me changes.  The buds of new life in all their various forms and colors arrive, noticeably more vibrant because of the long winter from which I emerge.

In June, we will be having a "spring moment" available for us.  A time for those things within us that may have become dormant, pruned back, or transplanted into new gardens, to spring back into life.   A season of being watered, fertilized, and mulched.  All necessary for life, growth and weed control.  A time for the buds abiding in the Vine,  to blossom with the promise of coming fragrance and fruit.

In the Book of John, chapter 15, we hear Jesus talking with his disciples about this.  He says; " You did not choose Me but I choose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain," vs 16.

We are created to bear fruit.  Lasting fruit.  Fruit that will bring glory and honor to the Vine Dresser and the Vine.

For this reason, I'd encourage you to attend the conference Living The Mission; The Journey in Simple, Organic, Missional Church, June 17-20, 2009 in Bloomington, Minnesota.   A few days to come together, water one another, get some fertilizer and weed control.  A time to come out of winter dormancy and become revitalized for a season of "bloom".    A time to "spring forth" with expectations of new beginnings.

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