Monday, May 11, 2009

The Transitional Track in the Living The Mission Conference

Let's begin these next few blog posts regarding information on the tracks we offer in the conference with the Transitional Track.  What is that?

God is always moving to build His Church and release the knowledge of Himself  through The Kingdom.  How many times did Jesus refer to the phrase; "the Kingdom is upon you" to indicate to his followers just what this Kingdom was like?

 The Kingdom was not in form or structure, but in essence, atmosphere, authority and influence.

Study, books, and conversations are happening today on the various aspects of what particular structure is valid and biblical for the Kingdom to be expressed and lived.  I'll leave all those conversations to those who are far smarter than I am, and those of biblical scholarship.

I'm a pragmatist.  I know that God works with us wherever we are in our present understanding of structures.  He desires obedience and rewards faith.  He wants us all to be transformed and transformers!
We are all on continuous journeys of living out what we know at the given moment in obedience and faith.  All those journeys are unique, even if they do hold aspects of commonality with others on similar journey's.

In the Transitional Track; conversations, experiences, tools, and ideas for what is now referred to as simple, organic and missional will be explored as expressions of the Kingdom within any structure.

The Transitional Track in this conference is for those who like some structural aspects of what we are lately referring to as "traditional", "conventional", or the term I dislike; "institutional" but have become hungry for more influence and essence of The Kingdom in that expression of structure.

This track will especially focus on hearing specifically from the Lord what He is telling YOU about the Kingdom and the structure you worship and serve Him in.  No models, no formulas, no 10 Steps to success, but the encouragement to explore some new paradigms of thinking and possibilities.

This track has sessions on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 7-9 PM and facilitators are Brian Williamson, Ed Waken and myself.

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