Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Living The Mission - The Simple Church Track

According to Wikipedia; "A simple church may meet anywhere; with or without trained leaders, formal liturgy, programs or structures.  They meet to facilitate relationship, discipleship, multiplication, mobility and member ownership.  The term is used interchangeably with the terms like organic church, essential church, bodylife, relational church, micro-church, and the most common being house church."

This track will explore the values and practices  of simple church.  

On Wednesday and Thursday evenings, Tony and Felicity Dale (, will introduce you to what happens in a simple church gathering.  They will share from years of experience in starting and multiplying simple churches and mentoring others in the process.  If you have wondered how to begin a simple church or you have some questions as to how it functions with leadership, children, money, teaching, how often to meet, when and how to multiply, etc., this would be a great opportunity to learn from seasoned leaders.

Friday and Saturday morning, John White ( will be leading 4 sessions from his philosophy on simple church called; The Seven Practices. Beginning with intimacy with Jesus, then growing naturally to spouse, to family, to neighborhood,  to community and finally; a region.  (These practices can be read in detail on the website;
  If you want to hear how Jesus makes planting a simple church a possibility for all of us, this series of workshops will inspire, equip and encourage you!

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